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Hello! I am Jennifer Lee of Lee's Designs!

I am an award winning graphic designer and photographer at your service.
I am also a web designer, though I haven't won any awards for that, YET.....


Jennifer Lee of Lee's Designs Owner and Operator

Now that you have seen my face, the person behind the designs, I am going to let you know about us and how we work for you!

In business since 2011, I was the sole owner of Photography by Jennifer Carr (maiden name), then I got married to my wonderful husband and co-owner, my biggest supporter through this journey of business ownership, Jason Lee.

Jason Lee of Lee's Designs Co-Owner and IT Specialist

Together we are an amazing team. I work all graphic designs, web designs, and photography, and he helps, on the rare occasions he is off his regular job, out on photo shoots and keeps my computers running smoothly. I guess you can truly say we are a mom and pop type of small business, and we both love it. Outside of our business my husband works in a factory. He learned his photography beginning skills from me, and then ran with the rest. He has his own Canon Rebel T3i, that goes with him most places and he is always keeping me in stock footage from the places he ventures (mostly industrial and nature). I have my own Canon Rebel T3i as well, and I work as many areas of photography as I can get my hands on (weddings, engagements, events, concerts, nature, industrial, interior design, family, portraits, baby, baby bump, etc). Beyond that, I work a lot in graphic design as well. I am an award winning designer with the American Advertisement Awards in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I currently have clients through Iowa and Illinois, and at least one in California. I am always looking to expand. 

So, a little background on how I decided to be a graphic designer....

Originally I started out in the medical field. I was great at it. I graduated with honors and everything. Though I found, after a while, that I was not happy in my field of choice. I loved working with the public, that wasn't the problem, the problem was the paperwork. ALL THE PAPERWORK UGH!!!!!

It only got worse after the healthcare reform started. So, feeling claustrophobic, I decided to change. I went back to school for my graphic design degree. In doing so, I also took web design and photography. BEST! DECISION! EVER! I love my work. It doesn't feel like work to me, which is what makes it so great. I can be creative, understand your needs and wants, and create everything you wanted. Most of ALL, I get to make my own time, so I get to have time with my family, which was one major thing I was missing in the medical field. I had to work on their time, no creative outlet, just new patient, get vitals, paperwork! Paperwork! Paper Work! PAPER WORK!....

I graduated from college with every skill I needed to become a Graphic Designer, Web Designer, and Photographer! I also graduated CEO of our Graphic Design Club, an award winner with the American Advertisement Awards in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Finalist with the Photographer's Forum, and the knowledge of what to do for this type of career.

My Skills

So that is us.... Small business, creative, organized, multi-tasking, crazy sometimes, fun loving, silly, and most importantly ready to work for you! One last thing before you go..... If you are worried about privacy, have no fear like the medical field and attorney's offices we are a confidential is key type of place. We will never speak with anyone about you, your products, or what we are doing for you with anyone beyond those approved by you and your company. GUARANTEED!

Anyways, thank you for stopping by our about us!

Jennifer Lee
Lee's Designs

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